Where are the comments?

Feedback is important and I want to hear it. As such allowing user comments to be collated and displayed below the relevant posts is a priority and will be enabled shortly.

The debate is between using an external service such as Disqus to manage and hosts the comments Disqus Logo or to plug in comments via a tie in with a forum hosted a this site with the new hotness Discourse.

Discourse Logo

In the latter scenario discussions will happen on the discourse powered forum with topics autogenerated when content is added.

Disqus, the first proposal, is quick and painless solution so it has a definite advantage due to the minimal time investment. It is tested, it works, it's mostly hassle free and has additional features like spam filtering, analytics, and advertising. The downside, apart from the the 5+ minutes to setup :), is that users sacrifice their privacy and will be tracked across the internet by disqus and co. Therefore, purely on principle there is an ethical question on privacy. Nevertheless, the trade off between convenience and privacy has so far been one that people are willing to make and are comfortable with in relation to disqus and are either not thinking about it or are simply not aware of the potential pitfall.

So why bother to waste time, spend the money to setup a VPS soley to run discourse, and endure the integration headache? Good question. The answer is I like the idea and team behind discourse as well as its elegant design from the start even though I have never actually used it. Also it will be good learning exercise and a testbed. Discourse will fit in well with the other Ruby and nodejs projects I use and work it.

So in summary discourse is a major hassle but I am willing to try it anyway. Besides, where is the fun in simple and easy? :) I hope to embed it in posts using the method described here and here.

I still may just give in and go with simple, tried, and very very easy. Given that the privacy issues are more on the user end. So if you see that disqus circle around here you know what happened or maybe I can have my cake and eat it too by integrating both discourse and disqus. Only time will tell.

In the interim send your feedback to comments@bigthinkingapplied.com.

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