I'm Nneko Branche, this blog is my home on the internet.

What Happens Here

In this space, my friends and I as well as the occasional colleague share our knowledge of technology via blogs, videos and podcasts. Periodically we will describe a full technical solution for a problem via a tutorial for tasks related to Web Applications, Programming, Server Hardware, Linux/Windows Operating Systems and Cloud Infrastructure.

Additionally, we also freely publish our own personal experiences with various technology enabled products and services as well as provide opinions that explore the general business landscape and the obstacles to starting new ventures especially as it relates to Jamaica and the wider Caribbean region.

A Few More Details About Me

Teams & Projects I've Worked On

Industry Experience

  • Technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Banking and Finance

Other Projects

  • A light weight linux distribution. (A wish that I never find the time to create)

  • LoanXchange - Peer to Peer Lending Platform


  • Fujitsu Distinguished Engineer
  • I occasionally answer questions on StackExchange. To view the software projects that I follow and in some instances make contributions towards take a look at my profiles on GitHub and or BitBucket.

    Finally, if you have an interesting project and you believe that we may work together then I am also available on LinkedIn.

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